What I’ve Been Watching: Frozen

you can observe a lot just by watching


There’s a quiet revolution happening at Disney. Perhaps it was inevitable given the changing times in which we live in, but the role of Disney Princesses is a far cry from the Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty of old.

Since Mulan (although the seeds were sown before this), we have seen princesses who are far more likely to be rescuers than rescued. In Princess and the Frog we see one who runs her own business and is much more of a leader than her male counterpart. In Tangled, Rapunzel is not rescued by the male that stumbles upon her tower, but instead knocks him unconscious and blackmails him. Finally, in Brave we see a princess who does everything possible to avoid getting married to her male suitors.

Frozen sees a similarly well-balanced portrayal of its two female protagonists. With more than a few nods to the stage play Wicked

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